Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Spring Came in Like a Lion!

I am actually not talking about the weather though it has been so sporadic lately.  It was in the 80's yesterday and then last night it got down into the 30s.  It seems like it changes back and forth every two or the three days.  One day it even snowed in between days that were bright, sunny and in the 70's!  This was actually the second day of spring and the flakes were the biggest I have ever seen.  I felt like I was driving in a snow globe.

What I was referring to was our home life.  I was so excited that Gesserine had gotten through an entire winter without getting sick enough to need antiobiotics and as soon as March hit we all got sick.  My husband I never needed meds, but Gess has been through two rounds of antibiotics and had to take a steroid too.  I hated putting her on it but the congestion in her chest just wouldn't go away.  She's been hospitalized with pnemonia in the past and I was certainly wanting to avoid that again.

Then my mother finds out that she needs to get a defibrillator for her heart.  She has congestive heart failure and since then her heart has strengthened at all, even after being treated with meds.  They think this is essential.  We will be going this week to the pre-op appointment where we will schedule exactly when that will take place.  We have to drive 2 hours away to get all this done so that really puts a burden on our regular schooling and other act ivies.

My review responsibilities have been picking up too.  I can't wait for you to see some the great products we have been trying but they are surely keeping us very busy.  It's worth it though, Gess is doing so well in school, even in spite of being sick.

On a positive note, Gess got new glasses last week. These are the first ones that don't have the hook behind the ear so we are hoping these will not fall of her face, but so far so good.I think they are really cute!

With all this going on I am trying to keep the educational posts coming but these interruptions may cause me to have to pause and just share some every day moments such as this.  I hope you understand!

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Beth said...

Cute glasses. We bought a pair that are designed for DS kids. Miss K doesn't wear them much.


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