Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter Basket Fun

We don't really do the Easter Bunny, but have colored eggs and and made baskets to give Gess a hands on lesson on traditions that people do for certain holidays.  She never really got a surprise basket and knew that we hid the eggs that she colored.  It was fun and she has enjoyed it.  She also understood what all those people meant when they asked her questions people always ask young kids about Easter.  Now that she is almost a teenager we have decided to continue making the eggs and baskets for others, instead of for herself.  This year we made a basket for each of my grandchildren.
My mom is going through some medical issues which is keeping me busy and preoccupied so to make the coloring easier for me and more independent for Gess I picked up some clear plastic eggs from Hobby Lobby and gave Gess some paint and brushes and let her go to town.

Then we stuffed them with candy, threw in a few glowing eggs from Egglo (with the verses inside), a couple of children's bible story books, toys, chalk eggs, and candy jewelry.

I think the grandkids will love them and I know Gess had fun making them.  Still, it is my hope and prayer that on that special day we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ which is much more exciting than candy, toys or colorful eggs.

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