Monday, April 14, 2014

Riding Her Trike

Gess has had trouble riding a traditional bicycle.  She just doesn't seem to have the core strength or coordination to pedal, steer, and keep the bike steady.  Training wheels helped some but she really tried to lean on them too much, especially when she got tired.  My husband was attempting to make a recumbent bike for her but it was a tedious task with the materials he had access to and our budget simply didn't allow for us to buy one.

Then God surprised us with the neatest hand-me down gift ever!  Some dear friends at church blessed us with this large tricycle. The seat was a little worn but her daddy crafted her a new one and it was good to go.  Now she can pedal and steer without trying to also balance her body!  She will still have to work on her stamina as she tires after a short ride, but she can ride!  I am so happy!  Thank you Lord and thank you friends for giving us this new toy!



Stacia Williams said...

Have you heard of the I Can Bike program? Our local DSAG group brought it to town last year. They have special bikes to teach how to ride a bike. Our daughter (9yrs at the time) did not master it, she has a handle on the back of her bike for us to help her with support, but she did improve. Older children progressed to riding independence during the week. The trike is great though! Our daughter still rides a trike when she's riding without us.

Lori said...

I have seen people in larger cities talk about them but we live in a rural town and have such a small group that we don't have something like that. I didn't realize those were "brought" into town though, so I will look into them. Maybe we can have it here after all. Thanks so much!

Beth said...

I like that bike. I am sure it gives her independence. It will be fun for the summer.


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