Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sheep Shearing

We had the neatest experience a couple of weeks ago.  A local farm hosted an event and had the public in to view the shearing of their sheep.  I am always up for trying new things so Gess and I went.  It was really interesting.

First he had to grab the sheep, poor thing.

 Now that he has him held properly he is ready to shear.

He has special shoes, or should I say moccasins, to hold him in place.  See how the toe is bent up with those ridges?

 Then the cutting begins. 

And here you have a sheared sheep!

Look at how much wool came off! 

This will be sold and used in making clothing and other items.  The black is the cheapest color that sells. Gess really enjoyed watching, even when they fought pretty hard and scratched up the man quite a bit.  Gess watched for an entire 40 minutes before wanting to do anything else.  The kids romping on the bail of hay finally drew her away.

While we were there we also got to look around the farm at some other things and shop at the greenhouse and gift shop.  There were some lambs that were born just the day before. They were staying real close to their mother!

Gess enjoyed the cows too.  

It was a really fun day! Different, but fun!

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