Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Cooking Easter Eggs

Last month I shared how I am really trying to get Gess cooking in the kitchen.  We have been diligent about making sure she is a part of cooking at least one day a week.  This week she helped me use up all those Easter eggs she colored by making egg salad for lunch!  This one is great because it's really simple.  Here is how we made it.

Your eggs need to be hard boiled, but if you color eggs like we did that part has been done.  Then you have to peel them.

This was great motor skill work for Gess.  There is just no better way to teach peeling an egg than to actually just do it.  She did pretty well but she did have some eggs come out pretty choppy.  She obviously peeled some egg with the shell, but sometimes that even happens to me.

Then we chopped up the eggs and added salad dressing (generic Miracle Whip), mustard, relish, salt and pepper until we had the taste and texture we wanted.  (We did not measure anything.)

Then just mix it all up.

It turned out great and she was so excited that she called her daddy and asked him to come home for lunch and eat it with us, which he did.  She was obviously proud of her work, which she should have been, it was delicious!  While I am still helping quite a bit I am hoping that by this time next year she will be a bit more independent.  We are taking it one step and one day at a time and having lots of  fun!

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