Friday, April 12, 2013

FREE Do2Learn Safety Songs

I know I have mentioned parts of Do2Learn in other posts but I felt it would be good to have one just about them.   Do2Learn is a tremendous resource for kids with special needs and much of it is FREE.  I particularly love their safety songs.  These were a great tool in helping Gess learn how to walk safely down the street and stay in the yard among other things.

Gess is a bit older now and is getting more capable of exercising her freedom however she is still required to stay in the yard.  She came in the other day and was so proud when the ball went over the fence and she left the yard to get it all by herself.  We did tell her we were glad she did so safely and that she came right back, but that she should still ask permission first. So, to remind her we went back to these videos and reviewed the safety rules for staying in the yard

Staying in the yard is one of the safety videos you get at Do2Learn.  It's a catchy, though childish tune that has words and visuals to remind kids to stay in the yard.  Even now Gess enjoyed the song and sang along.  We also talked about how she could earn a safety star by obeying the rules, though now we would give her a gem reward instead.

The Street Safety songs are available to view FREE online and include the songs Stay in the Yard, Crossing at a Crosswalk, Crossing at a Traffic Light, Crossing at a Walk Signal, Crossing at the Driveway, and Walk on the Sidewalk.

They also have one for Mall Safety which I used to just help remind Gess to stay with me at any store or public place.

The Fire Safety Song is an important one for every kid.

They also have Bus Safety Songs for school kids.  These songs include Waiting for the Bus, Getting on the Bus, Riding on the Bus and Getting off the Bus.  I will go over these with Gess since she will be riding on the bus with her Special Olympics team soon.

There is also a body parts song and many, many other FREE resources for things such as communication, speech, social skills, behavioral management and so much more.  If you have a special needs child or a younger child who needs help with some of these skills you will want to check out Do2Learn

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