Monday, April 1, 2013

Driver's Ed

Gess wants to drive really bad. She has been asking to drive since she was about 8. I never know what to say to her as I know that some people with Down syndrome do get their driver's license but apparently many do not. How do I encourage her to try but realize there may be obstacles in her way? For now I just simply say, in order to drive you have to be 18 and pass the test. For now that has satisfied her but she will tell you that she is going to drive when she is 18 and passes the test.  I love her confidence!

Recently she has been pushing the cart for me when we go shopping.  It's frustrating at times because she doesn't always look where she is going and I really don't want her running over anyone or knocking things off of shelves.  Then it hit me, I could use her desire to drive to motivate her to do better!  Whenever she isn't paying attention I say, "you know if you can't drive a cart around the store you can't drive a car either!"  I mean seriously, if you can't watch what you are doing off the road, no way am I letting you do it on the road.  So now we call shopping her pre-drivers ed course.  Well, it does help her steer and pay attention to where to she is going!  That's a start, right!?

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