Sunday, February 17, 2013

You can comment if...

OK so I learned that people were not commenting because they found Captcha annoying, which I understand.  It can be really hard to read and take several tries to get through, so I finally turned it off.  However, I wanted to explain a couple of reasons why I used both Capthcha and Comment Moderation at the same time.  Some people seem to think that one or the other is sufficient, but it's really not.

Comment Moderation allows you to make sure that comments made are appropriate.  I was on a board once where a very sick post was made that churned my stomach.  I never want my readers to accidentally find such a comment on my site, so I moderate.  This is especially important when you have a child with special needs as the focus of your blog.  The world can be so unkind at times.  Please understand why you will never see your comment immediately.

Captcha allows you to avoid spam.  If you turn it off your inbox fills up with so much spam it will drive you insane, so I kept it on for my own personal sanity.

Finally, I got some great advice from some fellow members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew.  Instead of turning on Captcha I changed my settings to no longer allow comments from unregistered users.  It is true that legitimate comments from anonymous users seems to be rare.  Most of the time they only leave spam.

Therefore, you can comment if... you are a registered user.  If you are not, it really doesn't take too much time to register with one of the accounts it accepts.  Please try to understand and thanks for taking that additional effort.   Believe me, it's a lot less annoying than Captcha!

It also seems to be working.  For the last few days I have had my settings this way and have not gotten any spam but have gotten some comments, more than usual for me!   So if you were one of those who used to want to comment but did not due to Captcha, please feel free to try again.  If you have a blog and wonder what's a good way to handle spam while keeping access to your readers you might try these settings yourself.  Either way, I wanted you to know what changes I have made so I can hopefully make myself more accessible to you.  Thanks for always stopping by, I do appreciate you all!



Tishia said...

Testing to see how the new settings work. :)

Carrie Schrader said...

I hope your "compromise" works out. I know I had trouble commenting and gave up (sorry). This is a great blog!


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