Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Our School Room Calendar

When decorating our school room I really didn't put too much thought into what calendar I used.  I actually had a few calendars given to us, and one was very colorful and playful so I thought Gess would like it and put it next to her school desk.

However as we were working on our English rules, specifically referring to capitalization, I realized this was not a good choice.  Gess had to write the date at the top of her paper and did not know how to spell February, so I told her to look at her calendar.  It was that very moment that I realized the calendar did not capitalize the first letter of the name of the month!

While that looks all "cutesy" it is not very helpful in a school room, especially when the student has trouble remembering to capitalize certain words!

I became even more frustrated when I tried to find another calender in my home to replace it with because they capitalized all the letters in the word.  I did not have one calendar in my home that wrote the word correctly!  We ended up having to go purchase one, however since it is past the first of the year we caught them on sale at 50% off.  Gess found a puppy one that she liked.

That is much better (just don't look at the days of the week).

So now when she needs to know what the date is and write it on her paper, she is more apt to write it correctly!  This is something you might want to keep in mind when purchasing calendars to use at home as well.  I certainly did not think about it before!

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