Monday, February 4, 2013

Aunt Gess

Gess had a hard time adjusting to babies after being the only child at home for so long.  The fact that her niece already had a sister took some adjustment for her too, but she seems to be quite content with the way things are now.  When the little ones were around Gess used to hide and duck out in the other room.  In fact I still had to make her come out and say hello today but after she did, she was content to stay play.  She still needs her solitude from time to time, but over all she enjoys being a niece now!  Here are some pics from our time together today.  (With all of the illnesses going around it had been almost a month since she had seen them.)

And here are a couple Gess took of me! 

I love my Grandchildren and did you know we have another one on the way?  Look for updates over the summer!

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