Friday, February 15, 2013

Free Friday: Clip Art Graphics

Graphics come in handy for us bloggers but also for homeschoolers.  Finding pictures for worksheets, especially when they will be shared publicly is tricky due to copyright issues.  Things we use for personal use I am not too worried about, I can grab any image I want.  But for things I want to share with others I must make sure I have permission.  Open Clip Art is a great resource for finding the images you need because open in this context means free.

"Open Clip Art Library (OCAL) is the largest collaborative community that creates, shares and remixes clipart. All clipart is released to the public domain and may be used in any project for free with no restrictions"

You may have noticed that I recently changed my blog theme and made a new button with my logo.  Do you want to guess where I got the book graphic from?  At Open Clip Art a quick search for books got me several options. I could have used any of these.

But instead I chose this.

Actually there were 4 pages of book images I could have used, those are only a select few so you can see what great graphics are available.  Yes there are limits to what it has to offer, but what you do get is the ability to share it with permission!

So then next time you need a graphic for a website, worksheet, or anything else, try Open Clip Art!

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