Wednesday, February 13, 2013

When I grow up I want to be...

My husband and I have a lot responsibilities at church that have us always getting there early.  This has led to Gess getting very familiar with the church.  We have raised her to be very responsible and respectful so when she plays she doesn't destroy anything and she cleans up whatever mess she makes so thankfully that has never been a problem.  It has, however, given Gess some new insight into her future.

One very snowy Sunday we got there early so my hubby could help ice the walks.  In the mean time our pastor let Gess use the microphone and sing along to some kids songs over the sound system. That has sort of emboldened her to go behind the pulpit more freely.  I think it was on that same morning she even drank out of his cup.  He had a cup of grape juice as a prop for children's moment and he had to go fill it again.  That gave us all a chuckle.

Well there was another time when we had a luncheon and Gess disappeared after we ate.  I couldn't find her anywhere and started to worry.  As I wandered around the church I found her in the sanctuary.  When asking her what she was doing she said "I'm pastor Gess!"   As it turns out, that is exactly what she was doing.  We now often find her up there either singing or preaching.  We have taught her that once people start arriving she must go to where her class should be.  I finally had my husband catch it on camera, it's unfortunate that the one behind the pulpit is so blurry, but he was trying not to be noticed.

Not all that long ago Gess and I had a conversation in the car where she told me she wants to be a pastor when she grows up.  So I asked to clarify that she wanted to be a pastor, and she said yes.  Then she paused and after some thought added, "I want to be a meteorologist though."  So she still loves the weather but she has found there is something really cool about being a pastor too.  I know that in the end she will work it out.  I just love seeing her finding new desires and dreams and when those revolve around serving the Lord all the better!  I am not at all worried about the doctrinal aspects of any of it, for she is young and there is time for all of that. For now, she is practicing sharing God's message with others and that is something I certainly want to encourage!

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