Thursday, January 3, 2013

Why did the what?

This last year Gess started enjoying riddles.  I believe it started when  we reviewed K-5 Learning because there was always a new riddle on their start page everyday.  Anyway, since she isn't really well versed in riddles she tends to focus on two very famous ones.  The knock-knock jokes and the why did the chicken cross the road ones.  Of course she tires of the same old answers, so lately she has gotten creative with them. 

This morning she had a new one which those of you who are familiar with her fascination with weather and meteorology will appreciate.  So here was our conversation in the car this morning.

Gess:  "Why did the chicken become a meteorologist?"
Me:  "I don't know, why did the chicken become a meteorologist?"

Gess:  "Because the chicken had lots and lots of school!"

Well, when Gess took the tour of  the KOAM studio for our Weather on the Move review that's what Doug Heady said you needed to be a meteorologist, lots and lots of school! It might not have a funny answer, but it sure explains where Gess' mind is most of the time. 

The other day we were dining out and the restaurant had the weather on the TV.  The gentleman came up and offered to change the channel for Gess thinking she would rather have something more entertaining to watch.  I thanked him but said no, that was one of the reasons Gess loves eating there, they always seem to have the weather on!

I can't wait until our weather warms up a little so Gess can try out one of her new Christmas presents.  Her weather lab. Hopefully she will find the weather will be pleasant enough for that chicken to get to the other side, or his classroom, or wherever the little guy (or girl) wants to go!

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