Monday, January 28, 2013

Anatomy of the Lazy Eye

Today Gess went to the optometrist for her annual check up.  I think it's pretty cool that her appointment corresponded to our study on anatomy (hence the title of this post).  Gess is learning about the human body and while we are currently studying the skeletal system, she loved learning more about her eyes today.  Here she is waiting to see the her eye doctor.

She loved doing all the tests and they even photographed her eye (with the help of some software her daddy installed).  She got to see inside of her eyes and how all the nerves looked.  Gess thought that was pretty cool and the doctor said her eyes looked healthy.  Her right eye (the lazy one) is turning in more than ever and she basically refuses to use it at all.  However her left eye has actually improved since her last visit (apparently all that use has strengthened it).  We have ruled out surgery in the past as it would only be cosmetic and not help her vision in any way.  With the help of corrective lenses she does pretty great and we are now awaiting the new prescription with the same style of Disney frames she had before.

Afterwards I had to run out of town on an errand so I treated her to some Burger King (since that is something we don't have in our own town).  This was pretty much our first outing since getting over the bronchial stuff.  Finally, after two rounds of antibiotics my queen is feeling pretty good!

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