Wednesday, January 9, 2013

In good times and in bad

Therapists used to ask me if Gess had a favorite toy and I always had to answer no.  Every time she had a surgery she could bring a special blanket or stuffed animal and Gess would always pick one out but it was not really something she used all the time.  Then on the day she got her tonsils out our pastor brought her a stuffed horse (or so it was named, it actually looks more like a donkey) and it has become her most favorite thing.

Gess had a really rough time after her surgery, even after we got home.  She actually got an infection after the surgery and Gess was really sick.  Horsey became a great comfort to Gess and now she sleeps with him every night and takes him to every major stressful appointment and event.  He has been through many illnesses (and just as many if not more trips through the washing machine).  Here he was helping her through a rough sickness a little over a year ago.

While Horsey has been through many times of stress, be assured that Gess is sure to share to the good times with him too.  On Christmas day we got an X-Box 360. It's the first real console that we have owned since Gess has been born.  She was excited and eager to play, but she was sure to share her first experience with her very dear friend.

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