Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hooray for Math and Science!

Yesterday we were taking a break from school and I told Gess that after the break we would be doing math and science.  She says, "Math and science!  Then I can be a meteorologist!"  She certainly remembers the words of Doug Heady the meteorologist she interviewed during her KOAM TV tour.  She wanted to know how to become a meteorologist and he said it took lots of math and science.  I think I need to explain to her that he means more than in just one day.  Bless her heart, I wish she was as good at math as she is at science.  It's not that she doesn't try, its just that her mind doesn't quite work that way.  She gets the concepts well enough, but her mind won't let her memorize random facts like she can bible verses and other things.  It's alright though, knowing my Gess she will find a way to make her dream come true!

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