Thursday, July 21, 2011

Time, Money, Measurement and Garage Sales!

My goal for Math this year is to have Gess really focus on time, money and measurement. We are using Math-U-See and it is helpful for Gess to have the manipulatives to add with but she's moving really slowly through it. While Gess can add, she still hasn't subtracted, nor has she really focused much on telling time or counting money. She's got some basics down on these but she really needs to focus more on them since they are things she will use most often. I still plan on using Math-U-See this year so all I needed were some materials for these specific lessons.

I was posting on Facebook and my homeschool forums and groups asking for ideas for what to use and I was considering some of the Mammoth Math supplements that were suggested. However, last weekend, some local teacher's held a garage sale, and I hit pay dirt! I not only got math work books, I also got folders full of extra worksheets, lessons and math games the teacher's had compiled on their own. I also got some computers games, as well as some non-math related games, books, legos and craft stuff! All for about $16!

So now I am all set for Math! My plan is to do Math-U-See in the morning and in the afternoon work on what I am calling lifeskills Math. These books, along with my Teaching Math to People with Down Syndrome should really put Gess on a path to learning some essential math skills. Gess has already started playing the computer games and I can't wait to start on the rest!

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Anonymous said...

I have recently found Tutorteddy Math Curriculum. I think it to be better than Math U See and simply perfect for the homeschoolers.


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