Wednesday, July 13, 2011 Promotional Video

I am a big proponent of parental rights. As a homeschooler I realize it is imperative that our rights are protected. However, public school parents need to be aware of the threats too. I hear more and more about public schools disregard the beliefs and feelings of parents. Of course education is not the only sphere in which government is trying to obtain control. With the recent health care reform and HIPPA laws, parents are losing the ability to make medical decisions for their children as well. Lately there has also been an emphasis on adding new regulations regarding nutrition. And that's not even addressing the threat from international laws such as the UN Treaty on the supposed rights of the child (UNCRC). It is not the role of the government to determine what a child should learn, what medical treatment a child should receive or even what food they should eat. has many examples of how parent's have been denied their rights and show examples of how real the threats are. They also propose a solution to the problem: A Parental Rights Amendment.

If you agree that this amendment is the proper way to help secure our rights as parents, please help us spread the word. Below is a new promotional video for the Parental Rights Amendment. Please forward the link - - to as many people as you can, any way you can. Facebook, Twitter, blogs, or simply email it to all of your friends. But please help us spread the word.

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