Monday, July 25, 2011

Horseback Riding Lessons

We are really excited because Gess is beginning to take horseback riding lessons. We are not farmers, involved in 4-H nor do we ever plan to have horses. However, we met a wonderful lady who gives horseback riding lessons. She offered to take Gess on one to see how she did, and she loved it! So now, for the next few months, every other Monday Gess will get to ride a horse! She will learn how to care for them, how to properly mount and ride them, and much more I am sure. We just could not pass up this opportunity. It just doesn't get any more "hands on" than this!

Her first time on a horse...and up she goes!

I did it!

There she heads off on her first ride.
(Yes the teacher has a tight grip on them, though they did just fine!)

I would say she loves riding horses!

Oh, and that guy with her, that's her brother. It was his first time riding too!

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