Thursday, July 14, 2011

Library Craft Time

Gess always enjoys the summer reading program. Getting her to read the 20 books is easy. Along with the reading emphasis our library has several other activities throughout the summer. They also have contests each week that encourage the children to participate in order to have a chance to win the prize. Since the theme is "around the world," they had the children make a flag one week and they had to name things about a country during another one. Then sometimes it's random, like when you could help name the fish. Well this week they had a "junk bag" contest.

They do the "junk bag" every year. What they do is fill a bag with junk. Then the kids have to make something out of the stuff in the bag. You can add to what is in the bag but you must use everything inside of it, you can't leave anything out. I am really excited because this is the first year Gess did the craft all on her own.

Daddy helped her make a boat last year, but we never turned it in. This year though, I just helped to hold things down so the glue would have time to stick, but she put everything in it's place.

It turned out really great! She didn't intend to make this when she started. She was hoping for a boat again, but now she calls this her "character." I think he looks cool, don't you?


Angela said...

Stopping by from the crew. This turned out great!


Colleen said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Colleen's Quest! I came to see yours...I love this project. What a great idea!



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