Sunday, July 3, 2011

Television at the store - Gee thanks!

At our after church's 4th of July picnic today (yes, I'm aware it's only July 3rd) we were given some left over bananas. What do you do with over-ripe bananas? Well, I hear it makes a good bread. I've never tried before, but since Gess and I started our Kitchen Classroom this year, we try to cook together at least once a week. I thought, what better to bake than banana bread?

As usual the first thing we do is check to make sure we have all the ingredients. If we do not, we make a list and go to the store. Since we tried cooking yesterday and ruined a batch of cookies (too much's a long story) we were out of flour and almost out of eggs and butter. So Gess made her list and off we went to Wal-Mart.

Gess has gotten much better since we started our shopping journeys together. She is really learning her way around the store. Today I let her lead and I followed her. She did really good at first. She knew right where the eggs were and while she kept looking right past the butter she knew it was there somewhere. The next item we needed was plastic spoons. (Not for the recipe of course.) She kept looking for the isle, she knew about where the spoons were on the row, but not which row it was. Just when she was about to hit the right isle, BOOM, there it was! That shiny little thing that talks, has pictures and wants to sell you things. YES, those annoying new television ads in the supermarket! So at the end of the isle that I needed to her to head to, she hears the TV and stops dead in her tracks.

"Gess, Gess!" I go and get her back on task. "What do we need?" She thinks a minute and replies, "Spoons." So she retraces her steps going back where she started. "Gess you are going the wrong way."

"Oh yeah." And she heads down, looking at each isle where she knows the spoons might be. Guess what happened next? Yep! She stops again, captivated by the evil advertisement for some tea you just can't live without or something like that.

So much for this learning experience huh? Well, despite this unfortunate distraction, I was finally able to get her to the spoons and after that the "folwer" we needed. (We also learned today that the flour you cook with is spelled differently than flower you grow...and actually the L comes before the O.)

These days she also helps me at the self-checkout. I don't have her scan the items because those machines are so touchy, but she does choose my options for me. She clicks it to start and tells it what payment method I am using, etc. Then she helps me pay and we are on our way.

You know, we got rid of television at home. I like having DVD's because you do lose that commercial advertising aspect. I like that strangers are not coming into my home telling my child that she needs their product. I guess they are on to us though. If we won't let them in, they will come find us! What do you do!? (By the way, the banana bread turned out much better than the cookies!)


Pebblekeeper ~ Angie said...

I've no idea. We actively work against viewing advertisements - but they are everywhere! We talk alot about what they do - how they make you feel- covet - create "needs". We had a hard time of it when youngest was younger, and still have to talk him through it now. I am sad that a grocery store would spend monies of flat screens to place advertisements in the store. Bad Show. Maybe choose another store?

Cherie said...

What a beautiful daughter you have!! And I totally agree with you on the tv and especially the advertisements. We haven't had television for I don't know how long, but things still try to sneak into our lives! I don't know what the answer is to that one, unfortunately I like most people still have to patronize the grocery store, but knowing the barrage of information that gets thrown at me and my children the second we step out the door is incredible! Thank goodness for having these precious ones close to us most of the time!

suelmayer said...

Keep posting on your kitchen classroom because Sam and I are following your lead.

The Buckner Family said...

Hello! Stopping in from the crew! My kids (even my hubby) get so sucked into the TV. I've been dabbling with getting rid of it!

mysteryhistorymom said...

TV can be such a bother!:( It's impossible to get my daughter with Asperger's away from it! I am stopping by from the Crew and look forward to getting to know your sweet family!:) Lori


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