Thursday, June 12, 2014

No More Gymnastics

Gess tried dancing when she was 7 years old. She liked the dancing but the recital at the end was a bit too much for her.  That summer we tried gymnastics. At the end of summer I gave her a choice. Did she want to keep going to gymnastics or go back to dance? She was for gymnastics all the way and has loved it ever since!

That was 5 years ago. I am saddened to say that our gym is closing down. We were so tremendously blessed to have had it as long as we did. Her coach is an amazing athlete that you probably continue to hear about in the future. I have a feeling he is moving on to coach on a more competitive level. At one time he held the record for the mini-trampoline for Team USA. He is sure impressive. While Gess didn't excel at gymnastics, she certainly enjoyed it!

Here she is with her coach, Casey Finley. You might have seen him on TV last year as one of the American Ninja Warrior contestants, or on NBC doing flips on a trampoline while wearing skis before the Sochi Olympics.

Gess had some fears along the way and Casey was so patient yet firm in helping her overcome them. The rope was one of them. While he never got her to climb it, he did get her to swing on it!

She could also do a great flip!

We will miss all the fun she has had and more importantly she will miss Coach Casey. But she will remember all the lessons that she learned.  What fun times!

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