Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Summer Reading Books

My goal for both Gess and myself is to find books at the library simply by browsing the shelf. I don't want to have a specific book in mind, I want us to just search. In both fiction and non-fiction we found some interesting reads. In fact, we found some books we might not have otherwise thought of!

Gess is up to 4 books read now.  Her first two were from The Magic Tree House collection. I made her find something different after that.

She seemed to enjoy this one about Sir Lancelot. It was in the fairy tale section.

This book her and I read together for a review we are doing. I would have her read a chapter all by herself. Then we read it together the next day for review, so we could answer review questions about it.

My first book was The Hobbit. I can't believe I just read this. I loved it! I will, however take a break from reading more in the series just yet. However, I have caught both of the movies and while I enjoyed them immensely, I do believe the book is better!

I have also finished the following:

This book was a nice casual read. I do have to say though, that while many of the letters were interesting only some were funny enough to make me really laugh.

I enjoyed this novel which is apparently not the only Rabbi Small mystery out there. I will have to find more of these as  I enjoyed it.  In this one you follow the Rabbi on his journey to Israel and partake as a mystery unravels around him.

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Janet Sedano said...

Hi! I came across your blog from another blog "On a Joyful Journey" that had you listed for blogs on homeschooling and Down syndrome.
Our daughter has Ds and we've homeschooled for years.
My daughter recently was invited to join a book club, so she'll be doing a lot of reading over the summer. More importantly, she'll be part of a discussion group with girls who are at the same academic level she's at. So this should be fun.
I just wanted to share a website with you. SpellingCity.com has been so beneficial in her reading comprehension. It's a free site (they offer a premium membership for $30/yr). I wrote about it in a little more detail at my blog, but it's a site where we can create our own list of vocabulary words and then she plays spelling games, building sentences, and definition games. This is really helping her. :)

I look forward to checking out your blog some more.
Oh, and here's my blog in case you want to check it out.


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