Monday, June 2, 2014

Summer Reading Program

Every summer we sign up for the reading program at our local library. Gess is usually through her minimum number of books well before the end of summer. On your left you can see Gess signing up for door prizes during registration. Since the theme this year is science they let you get a photo of yourself as a mad scientist!

However, the summer program is not all about reading, though mostly it is. There are lots of fun activities that go along with reading all those books. There will be movie days, story time, crafts, and playing with food. The zoo is coming but we will be at camp that week and near the end a real mad scientist will come and do some fun experiments with us!

This is also Gess' first year in the middle school reading program. I am excited about that. I am glad that juvenile books still count for this. Her skill level is good enough for Young Adult, but when she sees the size of the book or if the font is too small she thinks its too hard. Here are some books she decided to start with. She particularly wanted a comedy.

She started reading right away.

In two days she completed her first book.

I decided I need to read more than I do so I joined the reading program too. That's right, adults can do it as well. While we don't get prizes for doing it we do get a chance to win a few. Here are the books I have chosen to get started with.

Have you signed up for your summer reading program? If not, you should!

Let the reading begin!

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