Monday, June 1, 2009

Dance Recital

This was Gess' first year of dance and she had a really awesome year. It was an opportunity for her to grow in many ways. She got to be in a class in which mom was no where around, she got to be around a bunch of girls not far off in age and she got to learn to follow instructions as a group. Then of course there are the things she learned specifically for dance like certain exercises and dance steps. As with most things, you are always amazed to see just how far a child can come in one year and this is no exception.

I have to say that she had an excellent dance studio and her teachers were absolutely amazing! They were patient, gentle and caring but you can tell they also expected her to perform for them and that she did. She has learned more than just some dance steps. She learned a complete routine! (Actually she learned 2) Since she always watches those around her it might appear as though she needs that cue to help, but I have seen her do it alone at home and believe me, she knows her stuff!

I was really dreading recital week because there were so many routines it lasts over 3 hours long. I didn't think that Gess would have the patience to wait her turn, but boy was I wrong! She was amazing all week long. We had three days of rehearsal and two days of recital and she loved every minute of it! She liked watching the others as much as she liked dancing herself. In fact on Saturday she stayed in her seat for the entire thing (except for when she had to dance!) The only thing she would not do was the finale. That's where all 170 dancers get on stage and dance together. That simply was too much for Gess. She probably would have eventually tried it if she had several weeks to practice with them all. It just takes her time to adjust to large crowds and new settings. Anyway, even though she didn't get on stage with the rest of the dancers, she did the number in her chair and seemed to have just as much fun.

So below are some pictures from the recital and a video of her doing her routine here at home. My video didn't turn out well on my camera and I wouldn't post it anyway because there are other children in it with her of whom I don't have permission to post on the internet! This weekend my daughter (like many other special children around the world do everyday) showed us that while we all have some differences we are alike in so many ways. She certainly has a love for dance!!

Her Studio Photo

Right after she received her first year student pin.

The Dance!

The Video!


Beverly said...

Great job Gess! You must be so proud of her! She is so cute in her dance costume!

Julie said...

Oh she looks so cute! What a fun time. :)

Jenny said...

That is just too cute! I love her outfit.

stephanie said...

Hi Lori, thanks for stopping by. I love the video, now that's priceless!

Ria said...

Hi! I'm a fist time visitor. Thanks for stopping by my blog 'Bill and Ria'. Gess is quite a dancer! I love her outfit.

Beth said...

That's fabulous! It sounds like she has many adoring fans in the background(including me!).

I'm going to be singing Hello Dolly for the rest of the day and thinking about how cute Gess is!

Mrs. C said...

She is SO stinkin' precious! Did you not want to just hug her through the whole thing!??


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