Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Civil War Days

We went to the Humboldt Civil War Days this last weekend. It was a lot of fun. They had several re-enactments and shared many historical facts about that era. My husband enjoyed the gun demonstration while I was off with Gess on a carriage ride.

I would have enjoyed more of the demonstrations and re-enactments myself, but Gess is not at a point where she is able to enjoy things by standing or sitting still for very long (especially when there is so much to see and do). She had the honor of meeting President Abraham Lincoln which thrilled me because he is one of the 4 presidents she has learned about!

She also had the opportunity to make a corn husk doll. It came with a tag that gave it's history. It reads:

Classic Cornhusk Dolls

Cornhusk dolls were very common in the early days of America. The dolls were usually made in the fall from the husks pulled off the dried ears of corn during husking time. Cornhusk dolls were originally made by Native Americans, who then taught the colonists how to make them. The cornhusk dolls' history continued in the westward expansion of the United States in the 1800's. Few pioneer children could afford store-bought dolls, but any child could make his or her own cornhusk doll.

I found some links on how to make a corn husk doll, but they seem to go into more detail. We stopped with the skirt, cut it so it would stand and that's about it. Michigan Kids - Make a Corn Husk Doll looks like it has easy to follow graphical instructions if you want to try to make your own.

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Beverly said...

looks like a lot of fun. love the corn husk dolls. I remember making them in school when I was young.


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