Monday, May 26, 2014

The Pipe Organ

We recently reviewed Maestro's Classics again and in our study on Handel we learned about pipe organs.  I mentioned how that after my son's graduation we would be able to see an actual pipe organ. Now that we have returned I wanted to share a bit of the tour with you.  Here are the images I shared of the organ in the Maestro's Classics post.  It really is an amazing instrument.  It is at the bottom and the pipes are up above on the wall.

One of the neatest parts to me is the amount of air needed to play this organ.  Unlike our organ at church that is electric this works like a recorder in that air actually has to flow through the pipes. When they turned it on you could literally hear the air the moving in the other room. It was actually pretty loud.  Next Gess got to see, touch, and play the organ. Her brother is showing it how it is done.

Here she is learning that the pedals can actually play music too.

Then we got to actually hear it in action from someone who knows how to play it. It was wonderful to hear!

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