Thursday, May 29, 2014

Clouds and Rainbows

My Gess loves science, but mostly she loves studying the weather.  Every time spring arrives she is fascinated with the storms that come with.  In April we had the opportunity to go to a storm spotter class. This information helps you be able to spot various types of storms, how to do so safely, and how to share that information with others.  It was a two hour class and Gess sat through it all.  Of course much of it was visual as there were tons of images and video clips used as examples.  Still, I was very proud of how well she did.

This last week we had a chance to spot one of those storms.  Thankfully, we haven't had any huge super cells pass by, but we have had a few small storms which has given us some much needed rain.  We managed to get some pictures the other day.  Here is the storm that passed by as we were heading into the store.

A few moments later, after we were safely inside, we were pounded with wind and hail.  But instead of a horrible aftermath of destruction, we were left with this gorgeous view!

While I am sure that Wal-Mart is NOT the end of the rainbow, the double rainbow view was so spectacular I couldn't help but pull over and take this photo!

Gess shot a few more photos out of our car window on the way home.  The ones below were taken by her.

A few days later we walked outside and the sky was brilliantly lit up, but only near the tree tops.

Then we saw another rainbow.  It was so beautiful.

Studying the weather is so much fun, especially when it turns into understanding and fully enjoying the world around you!

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