Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Special Olympics Round 2

We had another Special Olympic competition and Gess did much better this time around.  While the races were still full, except for the last one, and the girls pretty much evenly matched, Gess managed to medal in each event! Her first event was the 50 meter dash.  She was so excited to win the silver that she got up on the podium before anyone else!

Next was the softball throw.  She got the silver for this event as well.

She was anxious to get a gold and her dream came true as she came in first for the standing long jump.

I thought getting the gold would make her relax but my Gess has a huge competitive streak.  Even so, she really shocked me during the 100 meter dash when she just laid down on the track and quit because she noticed she was coming in last!  For this event there were only 3 girls remaining.  It was late and the day and some of the entries had left for home.  I had my camera all ready to start taking pictures and the next the thing I know she is lying down on the track upset!  I ditched the camera and tried to get her up, but she seemed determined to quit.  She even tried to go back to the beginning to "start over." Some gentleman finally came along and encouraged her to finish by following him.  I was so grateful for that.  She managed to calm down by the time they awarded the medals and did accept it with dignity.  To me it was her greatest moment.  Finishing when it was hard, knowing there was no hope of winning, that was the most important lesson of the day.  I hope that moment sticks with her!  Due to the emotion involved I have no photos of that.

I do, however, have some of her enjoying some down time!  She definitely has the beat!

We will not be going to state this year.  I just have too much going on to spend the time near.  We will get to it again someday.  For now, she gets these two events a year and I think they are enough for now.

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