Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring Break

It's spring break here in our neck of the woods so we decided to break this week too.  I actually do not always follow the local school calendar because we sometimes have different trip schedules, but this year we had something special for Gess to do.  She went to spend a couple of days with her brother off at college!  It was her first real trip away from home and Tim and his girlfriend Chelsie took really great care of her.  We dropped her off on Tuesday and she made it safely back home today.  Here we were showing her daddy around the Fort Hays State University campus before we left her behind.

Here she is with Tim and Chelsie and her daddy outside of the building that houses all of Chelsie's classes.

We enjoyed some of the art around campus as well.

Tim is majoring in theatre and got the lead in the next play.  Here we are outside of the theatre. Inside you will see the display for the production and the cast list.  Her brother got the lead!

There were a couple of cool displays in the science building (Tomanek Hall).  The first is the pendulum that appears to be moving but it is actually still, it's the rotation of the earth that makes the motion.

The second was the dinosaur display which consists of "a life-sized cast of the predatory Allosaurus eating the neck and head of the herbivorous Camarasaurus."

In the picture below Gess was trying to pose like the dinosaur.

The next day Chelsie and Tim took her to the actual Fort Hays State Sternberg Museum of Natural History.  She really seemed to love it.

It was actually a nice break for us as well as Gess.  It was really her first outing away from home without mom or dad around.  They came home today and this weekend I get to enjoy having all my kids around.  That's all I need to enjoy my break which is good thing since this spring break is bringing in some snow!


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