Thursday, March 28, 2013

High Value Spelling Word Idea

I have to tell you about a trick that I have used to help Gess learn important and relevant, or high value, spelling words.  These are words that are important to her every day life and use.  Since Gess loves using the computer I started making her personal password words that I wanted her to learn to spell.

We had to make Gess her own user once she got so good at typing on the internet that she ended up buying something on Ebay!  At first when I made her user I didn't require her to have a password but later we started using a password to limit her use.  I then decided to make the password educational.  If she could spell Jump Start and Mario it was time she learned to spell her last and middle name!  (Remember that this was several years ago, she certainly knows how to spell them now.)  It really is a great way to teach hard to learn or important words because kids will do just about anything to get their time on the computer!

I do want to point out that is important that you NEVER use things like their name for their password online.  This might make it too easy for people to figure out, but it's a fun thing to do for your offline passwords that only family has access too.  Now you can use other spelling words for online passwords.  Is your kid struggling to learn a spelling word?  Is there a word they never seem to spell correctly?  Try making it their password to their favorite game and see how long it takes them to master it then!  It certainly works for Gess.

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