Friday, March 1, 2013

Free Friday: Snowtime Apps From Google Play

We had our second winter storm in 5 days but we finally got enough snow for Gess to play in.  I mentioned during my Snow Days post that our first storm brought about 3 inches of ice so we couldn't make a snowman.  Well this one brought 4 inches of snow, so we finally had a success!  Here is Gess making our snowman.  She named him Jacket.

Gess could have kept playing in the snow, but mommy was cold.  So I had an idea of how to keep her warm while playing with snow.  I downloaded some FREE apps from Google Play for our tablet. 

For your reading pleasure how about the story of the Snow Queen.

Or just for fun, you can build a snowman or play a snowman game!

That's my kind of winter time fun! As always they may not be free for long so be sure to act fast!

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