Wednesday, March 6, 2013

End the R-Word Campaign

Today is the national Campaign to Spread the Word to end the Word in the hopes of convincing people to stop using the words retard and retarded as an adjective for things, or people, they do not like.  Freedom of speech is important and powerful and with that freedom comes responsibility.  We have the responsibility to make our words matter and to make them meaningful.  Using speech to harm or hurt a segment of society that has done nothing to deserve such criticism is wrong, immoral and unacceptable. In our world of political correctness I find it difficult to understand why this word continues to be acceptable by so many people. People need to realize that every time you use the R word you are hurting people who have very little recourse or ways to defend themselves.  So please, think before you speak.  Think about how you can use words to build others up, not tear them down.  Use words that will empower those who are weak, not simply make yourself feel strong at their expense.  Your words truly affect people when you use them so choose your words wisely.  If you want to make someone feel different, if you want your words to impact others, there is a way.  This video will show you the power of your words.  Which ones will you choose to use, words that hurt or words that heal?  The choice is yours.

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