Monday, July 13, 2015

Summer Math with Minecraft

So I am checking out Facebook from Educents and I see this banner come across my feed telling me that Minecraft Math is on sale. That piqued my interest because Gess isn't very fond of math but she loves Minecraft. I grabbed it and figured I would use it as a supplement this school year. Then it happened. Gess heard me telling her dad about it. "Minecraft Math?" She asks. I tell her yes and show her the book. For the next few days she kept asking me if we could do Minecraft Math. I told her we would during school and blew it off. Eventually I realized that if she wanted to do it during the summer I would not stop her! She was asking for math so why in the world was I saying no? So I got them printed up and we started right away.

Here are the books we used. The books are still on sale for awhile!  Even so, it's not that expensive. I also picked up the writing one that we will use later this fall.

We have completed the one on angles. She really enjoyed it. At one point it had her go around the house and find several examples of angles. She found plenty of right angles but I thought the obtuse and acute might be more difficult. Nope, she found them right away. The clothespin was her acute and her bow was the obtuse. Way to go Gess!

After you do the work it has you look for and construct things in the game that you just learned about. I did modify the work for her. I had her do 20 right angles instead of 100 and things like that. Since Gess has special needs I just want to make sure she has the concept not make it so hard that she struggled.

I love it when you can take something your child enjoys and use it for a subject they tend to despise!  These workbooks are short so they work really well for a summer activity. It was definitely worth the small amount of money they cost!

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