Thursday, July 23, 2015

Summer Library Fun

We are at the end of another summer reading program. Our library has the funnest activities year round but the summer ones are always the best. Here are a few examples of what Gess has done most recently.

Since Gess is a huge science buff she gets really excited over the Mad Scientist who comes each year. I particularly love how she encapsulates the theme of the program into her presentation. This year it was Super Heroes so she talked about their super powers and used science to demonstrate them! 

Playing with your food is always fun. Check out Gess' turtle, Minion cookie, and Chocolate Rocket!

The Lego club is always a big hit. Gess loves sitting and building her own thing and I think it is good for her to see what other kids do as well. Gess usually spends her time building the wall and so there is very little time to finish the stuff inside. This is a store.

All the kids who completed their reading will get a T-shirt, certificate, be in a drawing for other prizes and most importantly get invited to the pool party! They also already earned a free drink at the soda stand in the drug store, a corn dog from Sonic, a dessert from Taco John's, and a good bag filled with various things including a candy bar and soda pop.

My Gess loves to read so motivating her to do it isn't hard, but it is fun encouraging her to read things she might not usually pick and celebrating reaching goals is something we all enjoy. How was your summer reading adventure? I will share about mine on my next blog!

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