Friday, July 10, 2015

Lazy Summer

I am so sorry I have not been posting. Not only was I healing from surgery but as I started to work and actually cook again I sliced my thumb along with the squash I was working on! It was sore for awhile and that made it hard to type. Then that finally healed and I just couldn't think of what to write about.

That's the thing. Usually I have all these summer activities to talk about but due to my surgery we really haven't done much since Gess has gotten back from camp.

At least I was given permission to drive earlier than I thought so Gess has still been able to participate in the library reading program. She has actually completed it and been given her awards, part of which is an invitation to the swimming party at the end of the summer.  Other than reading they have fun activities such as crafts and other things. One thing they do every year that we love is give you a bag of junk. It consists of things like an empty paper towel roll, q-tips. a piece of yearn, craft sticks, beans, and other miscellaneous material. Now you have to make something using everything in the bag. You can add to it, but you can't leave anything out. Gess wanted to make a Roman Colosseum but we didn't have anything round. Instead we made it a superhero arena and since we lacked superheros we pulled out the Lego men.

We also had a quiet 4th of July, but Gess likes it that way anyway. She isn't a fan of loud so we mostly got fountains that don't make noise. We had some pretty good ones though.

I will try to start writing more often now. At least once a week through the summer. After school starts I hope to get back to a regular schedule. Until then, thanks for being patient. I hope you are enjoying your summer break, that is if you take one. We have been doing a little math but I will tell you about that in my next post!

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