Monday, November 24, 2014

Fewer Reviews Coming

Now that our Schoolhouse Review Crew has officially ended I wanted to let my readers know that I am now leaving the crew, at least for awhile. Even though I won't be reviewing products, it is a great resource for finding new things so keep them in mind. If I get opportunities to review individual products I may take those offers, but for the most part my posts will simply be about what is working for us.

As Gess enters middle school it is more difficult to find resources that are "age appropriate." I am eager to find what others are doing for the middle school and high school years. We do have some products we have kept from the crew and a few we have added apart for it. I will probably share more about those after the holidays. I want a little more time to see just what is working as we enter the 6th grade!

It's been a blessing and quite a ride, but its time for me to step back and focus on some other things. So those looking for specific reviews, my old links will remain up. Feel free to like me on Facebook and/or ask me specific questions there or via comments. Also remember that if you are homeschooling a child with Down syndrome we have a Down Syndrome and Homeschooling Moms Facebook Group we would love for you to join!

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