Thursday, November 6, 2014

10 Reasons for Thanks Week 1

10. I am grateful for books. I love to read and learn new things. I am thankful for the awesome library we have in our community, for used book stores, and online shopping. I love my ebooks, hard back books, paperbacks and lately large print books! While I get to travel so little in real life I can pick up a book and explore far away places, go back in time, head into the future or even brand new worlds! Books are just cool!

9. I am thankful for Down syndrome. Yes, that is right. I am thankful that Gess is how she is. As with any parent I would rather my child be healthy, but the blessings that have come from this experience are too numerous to over look. Especially the friendships that have been made. I am so glad for the bonds that have been made because of one adorable little girl named Gess!

8. Homeschool mommas. That is another group of ladies I would not know outside of a common bond. Our educational choices have brought us together from across the globe! I am so thankful I can get advice from more experienced mothers and that I have people to turn to, both local and far away. You make schooling fun! I am so glad that we met!!

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