Monday, November 18, 2013

Making Pottery

My middle child Tim is still off at college studying theatre and last month we went to see him in another one of his plays. Tim's girlfriend Chelsie also attends college there and has a part time job at a really neat place called Pottery Works.  This is not a place to go and buy complete works of pottery but a place where you can go to make your own.  They have a large variety of pottery pieces to choose from along with tons of paints and stencils to decorate them with.

The day we arrived, while Tim was at the theatre preparing for the show, Chelsie treated us to a Pottery Works experience and paid for us each to make a piece of art.  The huge selection was a bit overwhelming for Gess.  She wasn't sure what to make, but eventually she decided on a trinket box.  She also chose a rose to go on top of it.  At first I wasn't going to do anything but after watching Gess have so much fun, I decided to go ahead and give it a try too.  I made my husband a coffee mug.

Chelsie is great at her job and helped us choose our colors and was very patient as neither of us seemed to know what we wanted.  Finally it was time to start.  She helped Gess at first, simply to demonstrate the process.

But it wasn't long before Gess was doing it on her own.

She did want Chelsie's help with the Rose on top, those small parts are hard for anyone to get to.

After diligently painting three coats of paint on each section of her box, it was done. However, we needed to leave it so it could be fired in the kiln.

A few weeks later Chelsie's mom delivered the finished box right to our door and Gess started putting it to good use.

I am so grateful that Chelsie gave us such a wonderful gift.  It is a lovely reminder of the time we spent together.  We also enjoyed the show Crazy for You.  Tim did an excellent job, of course, playing Lank Hawkins.  Gess always enjoys her visits, but then again so do I.  I just wish campus was a lot closer so we could do things together more often!

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