Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday

I saw this on Facebook one day and thought how truly accurate that is.  How my heart grieves that we can so quickly put away our feelings of thankfulness for greed and envy.  I went Black Friday shopping once and it broke my heart.  As we waited in line for the object of our choice, seeing grown ups fight over things like a Buzz Light Year doll was too much.  Really, do you think that is what is going to bring your child happiness?  Oh man, do we have a lot to learn.

So today, instead of a Free Friday post, I decided to help share something that will not only save you some money but maybe it will help free you from the consumerism nightmare that is upon us today.

I shared this video before and will probably share it every year.  Before we start spending all that money, let us take a moment to consider what else we could do with all that money.  This video has a bit of a different spin. Instead of comparing the cost of Christmas to bringing clean water, it talks about how we could bring freedom to those in slavery.  The International Justice Mission is an excellent organization that helps free slaves all over the world.  There are many other causes we could also give to, that is up to you.  No matter what group you would like to support the point is to spend a little less money on stuff and invest our time and resources in things that really matter.  Things that actually do bring joy.

[AC] Promo - International Justice Mission from Advent Conspiracy on Vimeo.

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