Monday, November 25, 2013

Cooking Lessons 1

Now that we are on our official winter break I have decided to keep Gess busy by focusing on cooking skills.  I try to do that through the year but too often its just easier to do it myself.  Trying to fit everything in our day is hard enough as it is.  So instead of just helping on occasion we are going to try to cook every day!  She enjoys it, it keeps her busy, she will learn a few skills, and it gives us some quality time together.

This weekend she fried her first fried egg.  Well, I she didn't do a great job at flipping it and had help from me to keep her from burning herself.  (I held the pan as she flipped and put it on the plate, etc.)  I cooked a few myself first to show her how.  Hers ended up more scrambled but I managed to help her save one with yolk as she likes that.  I think we will try scrambled next weekend, she does that much better!

Right now we are working on the basics, not so much the technique.  I am just trying to get her familiar and comfortable using the stove while teaching safety so she doesn't get burned.  I might share some recipes as we cook as well.  I haven't shared my recipes before because this is a school blog, but you know, if Gess is learning it I suppose you can too!

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Beth said...

That looks like some good learning and yummy as well. Miss K loves to stir and will do a good job at the stove stirring.


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