Sunday, June 9, 2013

Summer Reading - Hooray for Dairy Farming!

We are doing some school over the summer so this week for our Summer Reading Program Gess read some books that go along with our lessons.  Right now we are studying about the land and are learning about the various resources that come from it.  One of the greatest and most important resources is food.

This week we are focusing on food that comes from animals and so Gess chose several books about cows, pigs and chickens.  She started with books about cows and after she read the book Hooray For Dairy Farming she was excited because at the end of the book it had a recipe to make a banana milk shake.


Using milk, that comes from a cow, and ice cream, which is also made from milk that comes from a cow, we added a banana, which comes from a tree, and made a delicious snack.  While I said we, the only I thing I actually did was assemble the food processor and pour the shake into the glass.  Gess could have done it totally by herself if we had a blender but we had to settle for a food processor and that can be a bit tricky even for me sometimes. Here is how she made her banana shake.  It was easy!

First you pour in 1 cup of milk.

Add one banana

And one scoop of ice cream (chocolate or vanilla)

Then you blitz them all together.

And you have a delicious banana milk shake!

After this experience I would have to say that we agree with the book title.  Hooray for Dairy Farming! 

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