Thursday, August 25, 2011

Simple Tip for Easing the Work Load

Gess still struggles with her writing. It is not only difficult physically for her, but it is also hard on her mentally since she has to focus so hard to do it. Think about it. Writing is multitasking. You not only have to focus on the correct answer to the problem, but you also have to focus on how to write that answer. For kids who do not already know how to write and actually struggle with that skill, writing can be quite stressful. When I find that Gess is stressed I immediately try to find a way to adapt.

One thing I do when I find Gess stressed, is I let her dictate the answers to me and write them down myself. You can see her workbook pages here where there were some sections I had her say the answer and I just wrote it down for her.

When her book gives her a list of multiple choice answers I will sometimes write them on the board and let her get up and just point out the answer to me (and I will write it down in her book). That not only eases her workload but gets her up and moving around.

I do not intentionally plan out these particular activities. I don't think to myself, on this workbook page I will let Gess take a break from writing or anything like that. Instead, I use these only when I see signs that Gess is getting tired of writing or when she expresses that to me herself. She will sometimes just say "you write it please" and that is OK with me. In some cases I only write one answer and then she will finish the rest. It may be that only that particular problem was causing her trouble. Other times I will write down a whole section for her. It just depends on the moment and the situation.

While we plan many other adaptable ways to do seat work this is what we do when we suddenly find that the work load is just a little too much. It's simple enough, but can make a world of difference in keeping a child engaged and enjoying learning.


Laura O in AK said...

Stopping by from the TOS Crew blog hop.

My boys do not have any real learning issues (beyond being boys that want to move all the time!) I've done the dictation or oral answers with them at times just to avoid the meltdowns about it being so hard. No idea why writing is hard for boys, but for some reason it is.

Thanks for sharing your experience with photos. I sometimes need the reminder as my boys age that it can still get to be a lot for them.

Laura O in AK

Janet in AZ said...

Just want to say I am a long time follower of your blog. I check in several times a month to catch up on your news. It is because of your great reviews of the adaptability of the Mennonite curriculum you used that we started Rod & Staff Kindergarten.

My son is 16,w DS, but chronically ill w esophageal/stomach/lung issues.I am constantly putting out medical fires.

So far we finished Adv w Bks in one month. Except for easy items we do everyday...right/left, top/bottom, shorter/longer etc that he has forgotten from earlier learning.

I really like that we can buy as much or as little as needed.My son really enjoyed the Bible rebus and Little Wang Fu story.

Thank you for showing me how to make the curriculum adaptable. I know we are way behind, but at least we are progressing forward.This isn't a sprint but life as we know it with grace from God.



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