Sunday, August 14, 2011

School Starts Tomorrow!

Well, tomorrow will be our first day of school. Gess is really looking forward to getting started again. So am I. I am always anxious for the summer break, but then we get so busy over the summer that I am ready to get back to a normal routine.

Our school schedule looks pretty hefty this year. There is just so much I feel we need to cover. Below is our tentative schedule and the curriculum I have chosen for each one.

Bible - Various devotionals based off of Bible passages. We will start by learning the 10 commandments

Math AM - I plan on separating Math into morning and afternoon. In the Morning we will continue with Math-U-See Alpha. (We only got about half way through it last year.)

English - We will be using the Preparing to Build series from Rod and Staff Publishers.


Science - We will continue working through Real Science for Kids Pre-Level 1 Chemistry unit.

Social Studies - This year we are using the Understanding Your Community 3rd Grade Curriculum from Rod and Staff.


Reading - This also is from Rod and Staff. We are using the Grade 2 Stories About God's People set. Gess is probably ready for Grade 3 but since we are switching to a new curriculum I didn't want her to miss out on the bible stories and lessons in Grade 2. If I find it too easy I may move on ahead, or we might just work through it faster.

Life Skills Math - This is when we will work more on her urgent life skills math lessons like telling time and counting money. This will be very hands on and hopefully fun for her.

Therapy - Here we will focus on speech and motor skills activities.

Writing - I am mostly doing copy work and reviewing our letters and basics we learned from Grade 1 in Handwriting Without Tears. Her journal entries will take place here as well.

Activities - This is where I give her credit for her extra curricular activities such as horseback riding lessons, gymnastics and Awana. We also go to the library once week.


Julie said...

Hope you guys have a super start to the year. I really like your math idea, makes a lot of sense.

Giggly Girls said...

Have a great first day!!!

Jennifer said...

One week in- I hope you had a fabulous first week!


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