Monday, February 15, 2010

President's Day

Today we learned about President's Day which is the holiday dedicated to the memory of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, who both have birthdays in February. Last year I tried to teach Gess about both Washington and Lincoln as well as the current presidents she was familiar with which are George W. Bush and Barack Obama. However, I could tell that was a bit much for her as she started calling George Washington, Barack Obama. She was just getting them all mixed up. This year I am simply focusing on the presidency in general and will touch on each president as we hit them in our history lessons. So all we did for today was watch a couple of videos and color a picture.

The first video was from the History Channel. They usually have a nice, short video about the history of each holiday and today was no exception. We watched their video The History of the Holidays: President's Day to get a glimpse of how this holiday started and how it ended up being celebrated as we do so today.

Then I found a cute video on Youtube titled From Washington To Obama in less than 4 Minutes. I said the name of each president as they appeared on the screen.

After that I found a simple coloring page online.

This is how we spent some time learning about President's Day. This is, of course, has also been included in our daily February Calendar Activity as well.


Jenny said...

Cool video! I am posting about our President's day activities tomorrow, but Abby had no interest! LOL!

Beverly said...

great activities for the day!


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