Thursday, January 7, 2010

More Calendar Activities

The start of the new year is a good time to really start focusing on learning more about the calendar, days, dates and their relevance to our everyday life. At the end of last year I shared my desire to really enhance these topics for Gess this year and shared some of the activities I am doing there. This is simply to follow up on that blog (Season, Holidays and Calendar Activities) and share a few more ideas that I have added to it.

To begin with I wanted to share how I implemented the thoughts I had on how I might have each month highlighting the season, holidays and other important information. Well, here is the template I made and how it turned out. I first found a blank calendar at and used it to start my template. At the top of the page I have a line to write what month it is. Under that we look at what order that month is (January is the 1st, February the 2nd, etc) and how many days are in it. We then glue on pictures to represent the seasons and holidays. (I just grabbed random clip-art online for those.) Here is my finished template. Feel free to use it if you like the idea.

Here is how our January one turned out.

Each day we go over the items of significance and will keep it on the wall all year adding each month as they come along. I think drilling this almost daily will be really helpful.

This is in addition to the calendar activities we already do each day. Every morning Gess does two things to start our day. I tell her what today is, "Today is Thursday, January 7" and I give her a sticker to put on the calendar for that day. I found a good calendar for this as at a Wal-Greens last summer. It is a bit larger and makes the days really stand out well.

The other thing she does it check the weather and mark it on our weather board. This leads really well into our Calendar book that not only keeps track of the days, but has you mark certain elements of the weather each day and graphs those results at the end of each month. The calendar book is also great because at the beginning there a section called "About Me" where you answer lots of questions about yourself. How many hands do you have, how many eyes, how many fingers, when is your birthday, how old are you? This really does help enhance how the calendar impacts your personal life.

I found one more thing that I thought helped tie that together perfectly. I found this idea at one of my favorite craft blogs, No Time For Flash Cards. It is called DIY New Year Photo Book and is a great way to visually show your child how they got bigger with each year. By allowing them to help make the craft it really gives it that hands on aspect that my daughter loves so much. I am even letting her cut out the pictures that we chose so she can get in even more motor skill work. (I'm always looking for things where she uses cutting and gluing.) We haven't finished ours yet but I encourage you to go to the No Time For Flash Cards site to see how to make them and look at the one they made. I will end by showing you how big Gess was the start of the New Year. I hope this will be a great year of learning for us all.


Josette said...

Thanks for sharing!

Julie said...

I really like the worksheet. Ds3 has a hard time with, well, time lol. He asks "What today is it?" Thanks for sharing the ideas. :)

Barbara Frank said...

Love your blog, Lori! Thanks for stopping by mine :)

Rachel said...

Hi! My name is Rachel and I've been "lurking" on your blog for a while. We have a 2 year old with DS and plan to homeschool her (well, I guess you could technically say we're already homeschooling her!). I homeschool my two boys so I've heard all of the "what about socialization" questions so please don't think that this is another one! But, I was wondering specifically how you are helping Gess make friends? Both "typical" friends and other friends with DS? I am confident that my Aimee will be accepted at our homeschool co-op and will hopefully make some friends there. But, I'd also like for her to have some friends who have DS - so that she knows she's not the only one and can have that support later too. Does Gess have friends? Does she participate in birthday parties, get invited to other kids houses, that type of thing? And what about other special needs friends?

If she doesn't yet then please don't think of this as a criticism! I just wanted to see what you're doing in that area since it's one of the concerns I have about homeschooling our daughter.

Thanks in advance! :)

Beverly said...

great job. I love the calendars at we use them too and so much fun.

sue said...

Hi Lori,
Thanks for dropping in and leaving the message. You are so good for doing that! Most people don't :(
Looks like you guys have been busy!
Have you had a look at the Communication 4 All website

There are loads of great free activities to download from there. Bev is heavily into inclusive education.

Lori said...

Thanks everyone!

Sue, that looks great, thanks so much, I will use some of that and may blog on it someday too!

Rachel, I sent you an email, hope you got it! I will also be posting more about socialization. I found I had a post about it I wrote a year ago and never finished! I am posting that one this week!!


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