Thursday, February 4, 2010

Family Tree

I am still struggling to find some good ideas for Social Studies so I bought the book Social Studies Made Simple and am giving it a try. It looks like it might be a good guide to make sure we cover some important topics. The first lesson was on the family and it gives you the patterns to make acorns for a family tree so we set out to doing just that. This was fun because it gave us some art work to do as well. First I had Gess paint her tree. Then I had her color the acorns. Once we did that she glued them on.

During the week we talked about family and I explained the relationships from the children to the grandparents. Here is her finished tree.

This next week we are focusing on history and "change." We are having family come up with stories and pictures that show how things have changed over the years. My sister came up with a really cute one about coke bottles. She even had a picture of her and I drinking soda when we were young! Gess will then have to make a newspaper article out of one of the stories. Maybe we will put it up when she is done. I might even make helping me with it on the blog part of the project! Either way, it will at least be fun!


stephanie said...

sounds like a great idea. Gess this a beautiful job on her tree.

Beverly said...

what a great project. love this!

Karen said...

I am just starting out this year homeschooling our 5 yr old daughter with Down Syndrome and would like to ask you some questions via email. Can you email me at

Lori said...

I emailed you Karen!


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