Monday, May 30, 2016

My Summer Reading List From Progeny Press

Lately I have been entering the adult summer reading program along side my daughter. Once she reached middle school the goals for us have been the same: Read 10 books over the summer. It makes it fun because we often race to see who finishes first. Gess usually wins. They even give adults a break and let them read from any section of the library, but I always chose adult books - until now.

Since Gess is entering high school and reading comprehension and books reports are part of her requirements I have decided to use some resources from Progeny Press. I reviewed their guide for Hall of Doors: Dragon's Hoard a few years ago and we really like it. While Dragon's Hoard was on their upper elementary level list of books, for high school I will try using their middle school guides. I will probably only have Gess do one per semester because of how long it takes her to read a book of this length and how difficult it is for her to examine it thoroughly. In the past she always read a book twice before answering questions but that will be harder for longer books.

Here is the link to the Progeny Press Middle School E-Guides. One of the things I love about Progeny Press is how they use Scripture as the lens for truth when examining literature. I also like them because they are interactive and allow the student to type their answers directly into the PDF. That is very helpful for Gess who types better than writes anyway. I will most certainly have her answer each chapter's questions at the end of the section rather than wait until the end of the book.

The toughest part is finding novels Gess has an interest in. She will read non-fiction books all day long. Fiction is tougher. I also might have to get some of the books in e-book format. That will help her adjust the font to a comfortable size and keep her from seeing how long the book is. (The size of large books scares her, even if she has the skill to read all the words inside.) Here is my short list for her. I will read most of these this summer and get a feel for which ones I think she will like best.

I will share what Gess chooses to read later as her choices tend to be more random. What are you planning on reading this summer?

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