Saturday, May 28, 2016

I really needed a break!

I never really intended to stop blogging but life has been really hard. I have had some serious things that have taken priority. I also really struggled with what to write on a regular basis. With Gess in middle school these last few years there really was not anything new to cover. Unlike before where she was always learning a new concept or coming up with a new challenge, we were pretty much settled in.  Like a typical student, we did the same lessons each day and that is really not all that interesting to write about that!

This year though, Gess will be starting High School! I have been doing research into high school transcripts and state requirements so she can get a diploma at the end of the next four years. I am learning a lot and so I will be sharing about that! I am in the process of planning next year and getting my curriculum ordered. When I am done you will hear about it!

Summer also affords more time for writing and we sometimes do some interesting things worth writing about. That will hopefully get me back to writing. I have missed doing it!

I just can't believe my baby girl will be 15 in October and starts the 9th grade in August!! Where has the time gone!?

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