Thursday, August 20, 2015

The World Of Science

With Gess now being in what many call middle school it has been hard for me to find appropriate curriculum. She can read really well and her comprehension is even pretty good, but it is not yet ready for middle school level. Couple that with her inability to read small print and it makes finding a text book hard.

We have also been all over the place on science. It has turned out to be Gesserine's favorite subject and many times I have let her choose the topic. Her fascination with weather comes alive every spring and in the winter when she is often sick she focuses on human anatomy and biology. While we have done some studies on plants and animals and various other things, I fear there are some things she has missed. So this year we are doing a full science review. For that I purchased the book The World of Science from Master Books.

The book is divided into 7 sections. It covers 6 majors areas of science with the final section being experiments that correspond with the other 6 sections of the book. The topics covered are:

1. Matter and Chemicals
2. Energy, Motions, and Machines
3. Electricity and Magnetism
4. Light and Sound
5. Earth and Life
6. Space and Time

Of course there are only brief explanations of each topic but it will be great to review and it will help me discover what Gess may have forgotten or possibly not covered in her previous studies. As we go through the book I plan to supplement with extra resources either from our previous text books, library books, personal library, or the internet. The experiments also look to be lots of fun. You can see some sample pages of the book at their website. The image below will lead to that link.

I think this will be a great way to review before Gess enters on into high school. While our focus is usually on reading, math, and basic life skills science and social studies have still been a priority for me. It helps that Gess has had an eager interest in science. That actually helped spark her reading interest for she loved reading about the weather and other science related topics. I can barely get her to read a novel but give her a science book and she won't put it down!  I think this book will add greatly to her library and will spark many new avenues of interest. I am eager to see just how far this book will take us!

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